Monday, June 18, 2012

A Family Trip to Talegaon (Parshwa Pradnyalaya)

All my friends says I have become busy, But some people says I do nothing...Anyway now I got some time to really blog about some nice place.Yesterday on 17/06/2012, I visited to Parshwa Pradnyalaya,  A jain Temple near Talegaon (District : Pune).On the Saturday night at 12 am we left Bhayandar to move towards this delightful place.I had never visited there before.Was a bit excited to meet cousins and to do fun over there and on the way.It was a short run by bus of about 3 hrs (Max.) .
There was a great fun there played lots of games , lots of fun, and many funny jokes on each other.We did Puja over there and many more spiritual things. As it was raining about whole day, so the environment was also cool. At evening after the Chauvihar and the aarti we left that lovely place and started moving towards Mumbai and also stopped at the Guru Mandir whaich was on the way towards Mumbai. And at last after 24 hours we reached our home back.Was great fun and enjoyed a lot...And we all get dispersed after planning about next get together...:)