Tuesday, May 17, 2011

“ Jadu Ki Jhappi ”- A tight Hug …

The most peaceful and wonderful place in this whole world is in the mom’s hug…There would be going a worst time for me but if would get a “Jadu Ki Jhappi” (HUG) from my mom it would be the best time for me.It rejuvenates me and make me more stronger to face the problem.

Its not just related to me.It is related to all of us.Sometimes all we need is just a tight hug from our loved ones.But many people just think about this in their thoughts and dreams. A “ Jadu Ki Jhappi ” can really change the thinking of man and inspire him or her.

A scientific research shows that Every Human being needs
FOUR HUGS per day to merely Survive…
EIGHT HUGS per day to maintain strong emotional level…
TWELVE HUGS per day to become a better person…
- Taken from Google Smile with tongue out

A hug is free so man start hugging your dear ones Smile Left hugRight hug Smile .

“ Jadu Ki Jhappi ”

Mom's Hugdad's hug


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