Friday, November 18, 2011

Socho Zara Socho --- Think Upon It...

Socho zara Socho meri bato par...
Mat lagao kalank apni insaniyat par...

Admi ko mare to hai jurm...
Sher ko mare to bhi hai jurm...
Kya atma nahi hoti chote jivo main...
ki Chiti ko mare to nahi hai jurm...

Socho zara Socho meri bato par...
Mat lagao kalank apni insaniyat par...

Galti to karte hai sabhi...
Par mafi mangni padti hai tabhi...
Maaf karna hai kaam acha...
Raho kush aur dil rakho sacha...
Socho zara Socho meri bato par...
Mat lagao kalank apni insaniyat par...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

With God There Is Also a Computer Within Us

What can u imagine with this image ???  Isn't it looking like an X-ray of your brain or something inside view of your brain ???
Yup…Its correct !!! But it doesn't actually exists !!! Its just a taught that enters my minds and made me to think on it deeply .
As said in Hindu mythology, “GOD is within us” . I, Abhishek Vohera would like to say a computer is also within us (In our Brain) . Here are the following parts explained :

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back to my Blog - Happy Diwali

Hello friends...i have been doing lots of work during this period of time when i was not able to update blog..and I was getting least time to update my blog. There was some college work and some personal work but was not able to update blog.But now i decided to update it anyhow, as i had got now an android phone...:-P
The festivals are comming on the regular intervals and the exam too.At festials time we think to enjoy it fully with friends and family.But at the exam this willingness goes away and the moto such as - will do it latter , comes in our mind...
Anyhow, I will try my level best to post regularly...
And the most IMP thing - Happy diwali to all of my friends...
And enjoy the new upcomming year with the great joy...
Have a nice

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Into the Pure Civilization !!!

Friends I am on a tour to Kulu Manali .But Yesterday I was in the city Chandigarh.I really found it very nice place.The roads,Railway,Nature, People etc etc all seems to be great over here !!!.There are Gardens every 1 Km.and each and every signal i.e cross road has a great garden and a art work in centre of that.Apart from Mumbai ,here the vehicles are less and roads are huge ,where else in Mumbai the roads are small and vehicles are more .

Roads !!! Over here i really feels to Drive any vehicle.It has a partition between two side ways and two or three lanes on each side !!!.The Fly over are also two good !!!and much better that Mumbai.The City is Divided into Sectors.And the most good thing i Liked is that the Each and every lane or road connect each other at 90 degree.Like the Harappa Civilization ,which i had studied in history !!!  Smile with tongue out

Feeling very unlucky to have just a one day stay over here in this city  Sad smile . But Never the less … I have to go to heaven i.e. Shimla and Manali on the next days …Smile

Over here , In Chandigarh I stayed at Sun Park Hotel and visited Rock garden which was a great artistic work .Which was made from waste materials.Then we Visited Rose Garden,but unfortunately this time of year the roses were not plenty … And then We visited the 17th sector Shopping market !!DSC04549DSC04569

The first pic is out of Rock Garden and another of Rose garden Smile.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Days of May and November…

I remember the fun, which i did in my village.
Ya at that time I was 16 in age.
Away from Computer, away from net.
That time my life was just to sit and chat.
Ya i got people, who can be my best buddies.
Now even I cant meet them due to this damn studies.
I loved the silence and the peace of nature.
Now I have to listen just to the words of teacher.
I loved the brightness of star in the sky.
Now over here its just in my imagination high and high.
I loved the Dhaba (Terece), where comes the breeze.
Now over here it just comes from A.C. and fridge.
I loved to play the game,truth and dare
In fact over here I say the truth very rare.
At last,
All my dear friends to whom I always remember.
The fun we did in the month of May and November.

This poem I had written in the memories of the fun which i did in my village and it is dedicated to the people whom i miss a lot !!!!
Miss u all guys !!!  Smile


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

“ Jadu Ki Jhappi ”- A tight Hug …

The most peaceful and wonderful place in this whole world is in the mom’s hug…There would be going a worst time for me but if would get a “Jadu Ki Jhappi” (HUG) from my mom it would be the best time for me.It rejuvenates me and make me more stronger to face the problem.

Its not just related to me.It is related to all of us.Sometimes all we need is just a tight hug from our loved ones.But many people just think about this in their thoughts and dreams. A “ Jadu Ki Jhappi ” can really change the thinking of man and inspire him or her.

A scientific research shows that Every Human being needs
FOUR HUGS per day to merely Survive…
EIGHT HUGS per day to maintain strong emotional level…
TWELVE HUGS per day to become a better person…
- Taken from Google Smile with tongue out

A hug is free so man start hugging your dear ones Smile Left hugRight hug Smile .

“ Jadu Ki Jhappi ”

Mom's Hugdad's hug

Monday, May 16, 2011

Evening walk in afternoon

I was really shocked Surprised smile when i waked up and saw the atmosphere outside the window. I was feeling to sleep more as it was much dark at 10 am in the morning.It was really cool and I was not feeling that my summer vacation has just started.

As today is Monday , all the shops were closed and the atmosphere was darken thus i was feeling like I am walking in night in dreams.But it was not the dream ,it was reality.At 11 am i had gone to temple barefoot to do worship and it was first time that I was not feeling hot.Usually a sit at home in afternoon but First time I was feeling to go for a walk in afternoon Smile with tongue out.I had gone to pay the Telephone bill but I was feeling to go by walk and enjoy the breeze rather than in auto or car.

Still now the atmosphere is the same and I think this time the monsoon is going to come much lets enjoy monsoon in this summer vacation Smile with tongue out.

I don't know it is Good or Bad but it is of course effect of climate change due to global warming.So please save our sweet home “EARTH” .Rainbow

1st monsoon

Please give your response via comments Winking smile Rolling on the floor laughing Thumbs up

Sunday, May 15, 2011

More about Technology…

Today, we are living in 21st century.Its 2011 now, the world has gone much ahead. But are we with world ?.No,we are far behind Sad smile.There is just a simple result, the rich class is becoming more rich and the poor class cant do anything.

Just imagine , what if the technology is equally used by poor people also !!!.Ya that would really lead to India to a great progress.There are many people with two phones or more , but at the same side there are also some  people with no cell phones.Its not just about cell phone. There are many technology , about which the poor people are not aware at all.We just cant imagine so high level of technology is used in western countries.At this place all the people uses technology and contribute in nation’s progress.

When ever I think about technology , I finish it up with one conclusion , What if this technology ends up !!! Then the mankind would have to start from the scratch.

Anyways …I would say just spread the knowledge and share the knowledge so that even poor people can contribute to the nations progress !!!Smile


This pictures shows two different world where a poor man find it difficult to handle even a simple cell phone and on the other side a business man uses an iPad .

Saturday, May 14, 2011

All comes from children…

Friends just get some free time and spend that time with small children, you will really feel much better.How innocent this children are ! They do all the stupid things but we really feel good to watch that all.The way they laugh , the way they cry , the way they play, the way they sleep.All the things about them is great.
As it is said the children are messengers of god.The way they react is the only way how you react in front of them.Thus, it is much important to be good with them.There are many people who remove the anger of whole day on their children.It is wrong.You should always be kind to them.
There are many children how are not physically or mentally fit .There might be no medicine for such illness , but we should treat them with love and care.This would really help them to feel some what normal.At last i would say “JUST SPREAD THE LOVE AND HAPPINESS Smile Red heart Angel”.
I had written one poem on children , please have a look …..(Its in Hindi)
Bacho pe to daya karo,
Jaan se bhi jyada pyar karo,
Jo laye khushiya tumare jindagi main,
Kabhi unhe bhi kush kiya karo.
-Abhishek Vohera.
Children    children-
Have a look at this video and have a smile on your face Smile
Some Funny Moments by Children :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

In search of Best Friend …

Cry cry cry ,this is not the way
I am not fine, that's what I say
Useless grass become hay in sunlight
Its me against myself in tough fight

Need someone who can be my best friend
Ohh god help me, this cant be the end
Do something before my heart become stone
I don’t want to cry and be alone

Need someone who could be mine
Control me and say you will be fine
Do something before I become mad
I don’t want to cry and become sad

-Abhishek Vohera


Ya I know , I am not a good poet but at least i can try it !!!  Smile
Please comment how it is ???

Lovely days !!! Missing that days !!!

Everyone of us have some place which we want to visit there or stay over there for a long time . Similarly, I want to live in village for a long time !!! I cant forget the fun which I did in my village “Tharad”.There were something about 20 people in our group. Our group was named as “Tharad Ki Toli”.I normally visit my village every vacation and stay at my aunt’s home ,over there many of us get together and do fun !!!.I cant express how much fun we did over there.But this time it was different . This time our group size has also increased and the fun we did has also increased .We as also visited Dhaba outside the village and ate all classic foods.And ya we had also made a video of pictures which we had clicked during our our photo session and random time .That video was distributed between all of us to remember this great moments which we had spent together !! . we ate together ,sat together , played together and enjoyed together

The nice part is that we had also did some good deeds.We daily went to the Mota Derasar – “Main Temple”. and did bhakti over there . The which comes in my mind is the only courtyard of house ,where we all of us sit and do fun !!!. playing truth and dare and giving dare such as dancing , putting nail polish for boys , harassing someone and calling unknown person through unknown number.I will never forget this all things !!! … and ya the game which we played the most –”Cutting the cake “ on that muddy ground…I am having many memories related to it and writing all that the time would pass away .

At last, I would say i cant forget this moments at all …Missing u all guys ….Hope we will meet soon …take care .

Here is one collage of the pics with my cousins and friends Smile


Hello Friends :)

Hi, I am Abhishek Vohera… I had started writing this blog because, i m having many of things which i want to share with people and inspire them to do something new in their daily life …ya …my English may not be perfect , but at least i can try … and trying this, one day my English will also become good enough !!!

“Writing all this is just a reason, remembering and saving memories is the only vision”   - Abhi Vohera