Saturday, November 5, 2011

With God There Is Also a Computer Within Us

What can u imagine with this image ???  Isn't it looking like an X-ray of your brain or something inside view of your brain ???
Yup…Its correct !!! But it doesn't actually exists !!! Its just a taught that enters my minds and made me to think on it deeply .
As said in Hindu mythology, “GOD is within us” . I, Abhishek Vohera would like to say a computer is also within us (In our Brain) . Here are the following parts explained :

--->RAM -  The front part of our brain is RAM . All the temporary data , needed data or information is saved is this part . Even your head pains when lots of processing is done in this front part i.e. RAM in my belief .
--->HDD (Hard Disk)  - The back part of our brain is HDD . All the Strong memories , Old memories , Answer of Exam (for me Smile with tongue out) are saved in this part . When we try to retrive this things and we don't get is fully or correctly , we scratch our back head .
--->Processor – The processor lies between this two. It take all the decision with the help of RAM and HDD . And pass the signal to whole body through Central Nervous System (CNS) .
I know this is really a strange thinking but you yourself think on it !!! Isn’t is Right ???
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