Saturday, May 14, 2011

All comes from children…

Friends just get some free time and spend that time with small children, you will really feel much better.How innocent this children are ! They do all the stupid things but we really feel good to watch that all.The way they laugh , the way they cry , the way they play, the way they sleep.All the things about them is great.
As it is said the children are messengers of god.The way they react is the only way how you react in front of them.Thus, it is much important to be good with them.There are many people who remove the anger of whole day on their children.It is wrong.You should always be kind to them.
There are many children how are not physically or mentally fit .There might be no medicine for such illness , but we should treat them with love and care.This would really help them to feel some what normal.At last i would say “JUST SPREAD THE LOVE AND HAPPINESS Smile Red heart Angel”.
I had written one poem on children , please have a look …..(Its in Hindi)
Bacho pe to daya karo,
Jaan se bhi jyada pyar karo,
Jo laye khushiya tumare jindagi main,
Kabhi unhe bhi kush kiya karo.
-Abhishek Vohera.
Children    children-
Have a look at this video and have a smile on your face Smile
Some Funny Moments by Children :)


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