Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Into the Pure Civilization !!!

Friends I am on a tour to Kulu Manali .But Yesterday I was in the city Chandigarh.I really found it very nice place.The roads,Railway,Nature, People etc etc all seems to be great over here !!!.There are Gardens every 1 Km.and each and every signal i.e cross road has a great garden and a art work in centre of that.Apart from Mumbai ,here the vehicles are less and roads are huge ,where else in Mumbai the roads are small and vehicles are more .

Roads !!! Over here i really feels to Drive any vehicle.It has a partition between two side ways and two or three lanes on each side !!!.The Fly over are also two good !!!and much better that Mumbai.The City is Divided into Sectors.And the most good thing i Liked is that the Each and every lane or road connect each other at 90 degree.Like the Harappa Civilization ,which i had studied in history !!!  Smile with tongue out

Feeling very unlucky to have just a one day stay over here in this city  Sad smile . But Never the less … I have to go to heaven i.e. Shimla and Manali on the next days …Smile

Over here , In Chandigarh I stayed at Sun Park Hotel and visited Rock garden which was a great artistic work .Which was made from waste materials.Then we Visited Rose Garden,but unfortunately this time of year the roses were not plenty … And then We visited the 17th sector Shopping market !!DSC04549DSC04569

The first pic is out of Rock Garden and another of Rose garden Smile.


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