Friday, May 13, 2011

Lovely days !!! Missing that days !!!

Everyone of us have some place which we want to visit there or stay over there for a long time . Similarly, I want to live in village for a long time !!! I cant forget the fun which I did in my village “Tharad”.There were something about 20 people in our group. Our group was named as “Tharad Ki Toli”.I normally visit my village every vacation and stay at my aunt’s home ,over there many of us get together and do fun !!!.I cant express how much fun we did over there.But this time it was different . This time our group size has also increased and the fun we did has also increased .We as also visited Dhaba outside the village and ate all classic foods.And ya we had also made a video of pictures which we had clicked during our our photo session and random time .That video was distributed between all of us to remember this great moments which we had spent together !! . we ate together ,sat together , played together and enjoyed together

The nice part is that we had also did some good deeds.We daily went to the Mota Derasar – “Main Temple”. and did bhakti over there . The which comes in my mind is the only courtyard of house ,where we all of us sit and do fun !!!. playing truth and dare and giving dare such as dancing , putting nail polish for boys , harassing someone and calling unknown person through unknown number.I will never forget this all things !!! … and ya the game which we played the most –”Cutting the cake “ on that muddy ground…I am having many memories related to it and writing all that the time would pass away .

At last, I would say i cant forget this moments at all …Missing u all guys ….Hope we will meet soon …take care .

Here is one collage of the pics with my cousins and friends Smile



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