Sunday, May 15, 2011

More about Technology…

Today, we are living in 21st century.Its 2011 now, the world has gone much ahead. But are we with world ?.No,we are far behind Sad smile.There is just a simple result, the rich class is becoming more rich and the poor class cant do anything.

Just imagine , what if the technology is equally used by poor people also !!!.Ya that would really lead to India to a great progress.There are many people with two phones or more , but at the same side there are also some  people with no cell phones.Its not just about cell phone. There are many technology , about which the poor people are not aware at all.We just cant imagine so high level of technology is used in western countries.At this place all the people uses technology and contribute in nation’s progress.

When ever I think about technology , I finish it up with one conclusion , What if this technology ends up !!! Then the mankind would have to start from the scratch.

Anyways …I would say just spread the knowledge and share the knowledge so that even poor people can contribute to the nations progress !!!Smile


This pictures shows two different world where a poor man find it difficult to handle even a simple cell phone and on the other side a business man uses an iPad .


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