Monday, May 16, 2011

Evening walk in afternoon

I was really shocked Surprised smile when i waked up and saw the atmosphere outside the window. I was feeling to sleep more as it was much dark at 10 am in the morning.It was really cool and I was not feeling that my summer vacation has just started.

As today is Monday , all the shops were closed and the atmosphere was darken thus i was feeling like I am walking in night in dreams.But it was not the dream ,it was reality.At 11 am i had gone to temple barefoot to do worship and it was first time that I was not feeling hot.Usually a sit at home in afternoon but First time I was feeling to go for a walk in afternoon Smile with tongue out.I had gone to pay the Telephone bill but I was feeling to go by walk and enjoy the breeze rather than in auto or car.

Still now the atmosphere is the same and I think this time the monsoon is going to come much lets enjoy monsoon in this summer vacation Smile with tongue out.

I don't know it is Good or Bad but it is of course effect of climate change due to global warming.So please save our sweet home “EARTH” .Rainbow

1st monsoon

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