Saturday, May 21, 2011

Days of May and November…

I remember the fun, which i did in my village.
Ya at that time I was 16 in age.
Away from Computer, away from net.
That time my life was just to sit and chat.
Ya i got people, who can be my best buddies.
Now even I cant meet them due to this damn studies.
I loved the silence and the peace of nature.
Now I have to listen just to the words of teacher.
I loved the brightness of star in the sky.
Now over here its just in my imagination high and high.
I loved the Dhaba (Terece), where comes the breeze.
Now over here it just comes from A.C. and fridge.
I loved to play the game,truth and dare
In fact over here I say the truth very rare.
At last,
All my dear friends to whom I always remember.
The fun we did in the month of May and November.

This poem I had written in the memories of the fun which i did in my village and it is dedicated to the people whom i miss a lot !!!!
Miss u all guys !!!  Smile



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